Never Walk Into the Courtroom Alone

Never Walk Into the Courtroom Alone

Exercise your right to a misdemeanor attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

All Grand Rapids, MI residents should take their criminal law matters seriously. This is especially true for misdemeanor charges. Even though the penalties aren't as severe as for felonies, a misdemeanor conviction can stay on your record for life. If you're facing misdemeanor charges, contact Amanda Sterkenburg, Attorney at Law for local representation.

In Michigan, misdemeanor charges fall into two categories: traffic and nontraffic cases. To learn more about misdemeanor traffic cases, visit the Traffic Law page. Below is basic information about nontraffic cases. No matter what kinds of charges you're facing, you can trust attorney Sterkenburg with your misdemeanor defense.

Attorney Sterkenburg regularly handles misdemeanor defense cases for residents in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas. She can represent you if you're facing misdemeanor charges for...

  • A violent crime, such as assault and battery
  • A drug crime, such as marijuana possession
  • A property crime, such as trespassing
  • A theft crime, such as shoplifting
  • A sex crime, such as prostitution

As your misdemeanor attorney, she'll listen closely as you explain your situation and recommend a plan of action. Call 616-805-4492 today to schedule your free consultation.

Trust our trial history

Amanda Sterkenburg has been an attorney since 2014. She started her legal career focusing on domestic relations law. She soon expanded her focus to criminal law to advocate for residents in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Attorney Sterkenburg has successfully defended clients facing misdemeanor...

  • Domestic violence charges
  • Larceny charges
  • Assault charges

Find out how she could help you as your misdemeanor attorney. Make an appointment with Amanda Sterkenburg, Attorney at Law at your convenience.