Is Your Ex Planning to Move With the Kids?

Is Your Ex Planning to Move With the Kids?

Make sure your child custody rights are upheld in Grand Rapids, MI by calling Amanda Sterkenburg, Attorney at Law

Things can get complicated very fast when a divorcee plans to move away with the kids. You need to ensure that your right to child custody is not made more difficult. Call Amanda Sterkenburg, Attorney at Law to help you with child custody law.

Attorney Sterkenburg knows the ins and outs of Grand Rapids, MI child custody law. With her help, you could have access to your children according to your divorce agreement.

Rely on Amanda Sterkenburg to take on your child custody case. Email the law firm today to discuss your situation.

Why work with Amanda Sterkenburg on our child custody issues?

There are many benefits of hiring a child custody attorney to assist with your case. Just a few benefits include:

  • Having an experienced lawyer to help you through the process
  • Organizing your documents and defense to put you in the best light
  • Fighting for your child custody rights, no matter the situation

Don't go it alone when you need child custody. Rely on a child custody attorney from Grand Rapids, MI to work hard for your rights. Call 616-805-4492 to begin working on your case.